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Bible and History
: The Bible is the oldest book known to man and tells of the beginning of mankind and the end of man, and remains today, the world's best seller. The Bible is the only record of the creation of man by God. Not a god of stone or transience, but a God of life and omnipotence. A God who is Yahweh: "The One who brings everything into existence." The God of great love, who wanted to walk and talk with His people, and still does. The Bible tells us of this relationship. The ups and downs, the strife and struggle, the glorious beginning, the temptation and disruption, the consequent separation and the subsequent sacrifice of this Great God of Love to redeem His people. This God, who travailed "as a woman in childbirth" to birth His children in Him. Then the giving of His own Holy Spirit to renew man's fallen mind and to regenerate man's fallen nature so that "man would know His statutes and His judgments, and do them" (Ez. 37:27), finally accomplishing the perfect creation of His children - "made to His own image and likeness."

It is a story of love. A story of creation and redemption in its deepest and purest process. A story which spans many eras of time and space, and lands, and Laws, and mercies. It is His story (history). You will do an in-depth study of the beginning and the end, and the middle. "The natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him, neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned." (1 Cor.2:14) This study therefore will depend therefore, on the person of the Holy Spirit who will systematically carry you through the series. "When He, the Spirit of Truth comes to you , He will reveal all things."" Although the Bible comprises sixty-six Books, it is really one Book, and as you go through the study of the Bible, you will be applying the topical and biographical methodology recognizing the parallels and typology and the relationship that each Book has with the other Books and even more importantly, how they apply to you personally and your everyday life.

God, and His story with mankind will be unveiled before your eyes and as you journey from one Book to the others, you will be enjoying and enjoining as you learn the facts of this relationship between a living God who desires to be your Father and to establish an everlasting and unbreakable consanguinity with His children. You will draw closer to Him and He will draw closer to you, and in so doing, He will not only reveal His acts to you as He did to the children of Israel, but He will reveal His ways to you as He did with Moses. You will follow the Word of God which was spoken by Him directly to His chosen prophets, who in turn, repeated them to the people. Words which burned in their minds and were etched upon their hearts. Words which were handed down from generation to generation until they were scratched in cuneiform upon tablets of clay, which later became sacred scrolls upon the skins of animals and then became flesh and dwelt amongst us…conquered death…and arose triumphantly and now lovingly continue to draw all men unto salvation…unto Jesus. For His Name, Y'Shua (Jesus) means salvation. (Isaiah 12:2).

You will learn of the fight to have God's Word written down in books and languages so that all who desire may have the freedom of knowing God's Word for themselves. A fight that includes Mesopotamia, Palestine, Rome, Scotland, Constantinople, and Italy as well as many kings, kingdoms and religions while absorbing God's unchanging character, the same yesterday, today, and forever. The truth of the Holy Scriptures is absolute and unchanging. A truth which is always there. It is not truth which changes, but we who grow wiser. Not that tomorrow will hold for better truth, but that we will make discoveries through His Spirit of Truth. You will see how God's Word applies to you in a personal every-helping way today. You will need a Bible, (Old and New Testaments), Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, and the manuals listed below. Each manual comes with a booklet and provides exhibits, maps, lists , details and space for you to jot down your own notes and comments and personal questions. Order them one by one and please begin with Genesis.

These manuals have been used in professional teaching for the past twenty-three years, and have only now become available by internet:

Synopses of the first Five Books of Moses, and the Book of Joshua. In Genesis you will witness the creation of man and woman, the relationship and dominion in the Garden, the tragedy of unbelief resulting in disobedience. The dynamics of the strategy of the enemy, the allure, intimidation, manipulation and control which he still uses today to appeal to the lust of the eyes, the flesh and the boastful pride of life. The curse which still abides with men and women today which they are not aware of and how to be delivered from it. You will learn of the redemptive promise that the "seed of the woman would bruise the head of the serpent," i.e., destroy the headship (rule) which the devil gained over mankind's flesh. You will compare with the other Books including the Book of the Revelation. Exodus will reveal the deliverance from Egypt and bondage. A foreshadowing of the greater deliverance from sin and death. Details of the Feasts and the fulfillment of these Feasts on earth consistently over time. You will note the remaining Feasts, yet to be fulfilled. Leviticus is the pause that explicitly reveals God's whole plan of Salvation, the indwelling, and illumination of the Holy Spirit as the believer participates in the divine nature of God (2 Peter 1:4) You will clearly see the meaning of the words: "I am come down to deliver my people, " and "If I be lifted up from the Earth I will draw all men unto Me." The Seven steps of God to man, and man's seven steps to the Holy of Holies. You will understand the everlasting covenant of the Seven Candlestick and understand why they are present at God's throne (Zech. 4:1,2, Rev.1: 20) and why Jesus Christ comes in the midst of the Seven Candlestick (Rev. 1: 12,13, 20). You will see that there are different Hebrew words for Ark and coffin. You will see how Isaiah knew that the Ark containing the Word, the Unleavened Bread and the Almond Rod of Aaron's which budded, meant the King of Kings would come and die. You will see too, that the Scriptures contain a different Word in Hebrew for veil and door, and you will understand what the Tabernacle in the Wilderness really means in your own life. And where you stand today as the coming of the Lord draws near. Numbers will show you the journey back to the Land from which He drove Adam and Eve, and witness our own wanderings and journey. Deuteronomy will give details of the requirements to enter into the Promise Land, "where there will be no defilement (Rev. 21)". After all, the word Canaan means "to be made humble." You will see what will keep some out. The Book of Joshua will reveal to you not just the miracle of entering, but a real expose on the strategy and sabotage of the enemy which we see operating in this world today. The "good" reason and the real reason for encounters and events. You will discover what God through Jesus has done for us, and what we have done with it. Do not live in defeat and beneath your inheritance in Christ. Click here to receive.


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