Prophecies: Dr. O. J. Graham

19:07.1990: “Thus saith the Lord: Tell my people, there will be many changes. See that they are not afraid, saith the Lord.”

30.12.1993: “Thus said the Lord: Globalization. Everything will be seen as a reason for globalization. As if globalization is the only solution to mankind’s problems. There will be many seemingly “natural” disasters: Floods, famine, earthquakes, fighting, fires ,and weird weather. A separation of wheat and tares beginning saith the Lord.”

30.12.1994: “Thus saith the Lord: All that I have told you will increase. There will be a rise in spiritism, and religiosity, and a falling away of My Laws, and ways. Saith the Lord.”

30. 12.1995“Thus saith the Lord: All that I have said will increase. Death walks amongst you my people, but remember IAM the Life, put the message I gave you on life in a booklet, and send to those who desire saith the Lord.”

31.12.95 “Thus saith the Lord: All that I have told you will intensify. Watch and pray for The Pacific Rim (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, California, Korea etc.)”

01.01.96 “Thus saith the Lord: Again, all that I have told you will increase. Death walks amongst you my people, but remember I AM the Life, put the message which I have given you in a booklet and give to those who desire saith the Lord.”

01.01.97 “Thus saith the Lord: All that I have told you will increase. Pray for the people of the Pacific Rim saith the Lord.

31.12.98 “Thus saith the Lord, all that I have told you will only increase in intensity. Pray against the coming financial disaster that is being planned for the world saith your God.”

11.01.99 “Behold saith the Lord: I have opened the life gates for whomsoever will. Take not lightly that I have made thee priests; that I have not just allowed you to come into the Tabernacle, but I have put My Tabernacle within you and called you One in Me that you may participate in my Kingdom and partake of my Divine Nature. I have called thee my children, my Church, that thou mayest come boldly to me and minister to me. I take pleasure in your obedience and your faith. See, saith your God what my Word says about you and believe no other. Let my Word be a Lamp unto your path as you journey from the bondage of Egypt to the Promised Land. I am still your fire by night and your enduring Cloud by day. I light your feet as you walk. You will prevail in me for I am your victory.The 6th Kingdom is before you. Stay in my Word and I will be that Ark for you as I lead you past the lines of the enemy—they shall not esteem you nor see you as you journey. I am your mainstay. I am the Ark of your safety—stay and abide in my Word and live. As my people have overcome the last five kingdoms of the world so shall they overcome the 6th. Look not to the left nor to the right. Incline thine ear to me only and you will prevail saith the Lord who loves you.”

“Thus saith the Lord—the Creator of all: There will be disasters and fires—men’s hearts will fail from fear. You, in this very room, with your own eyes you will behold the destruction of Babylon— mystery Babylon – New York City. Yes, as a sudden destruction it shall come. They will try to make peace without me—but as a sudden destruction it shall come saith the Lord.”

17/12/04 “Remember to pray for the people of the Pacific Rim It will be a chain reaction” The following Scriptures have been given to us constantly in the past two years: Jeremiah 4:14-23; 7:23. Ezekiel 22:24-31and 20:8. Deut. 7:6- 26. 2 Chronicles 7:14. We do not always get to write down the Word of Knowledge and Wisdom (Prophecies) as they are very quickly given. However, we have noticed that they all line up with the written Word.We have also had open visions such as: As far as my eyes saw I saw Chinese people. We interceded immediately...then Tiannemen Square incident happened. One night I saw Geraldo Reviera’s face. We interceded, and that night there was a fight on his T-V show. His nose was broken. Without intercession he would have been killed. Also, many other faces through 25 years, and prayers have been just in time.Another night we were told to pray for salvation and comfort for the Monaco family. The next day, Caroline’s husband was killed in a racing accident.We have been told to pray for the water systems of the world. We have been told to store, rice, water, olive oil and vitamin pills. We have been told to pray for the children of the world because INNOCENT BLOOD IS CALLING OUT TO THE THRONE OF GOD.There have been too many incidents to list. We pray salvation for every man, woman and child on the face of the Earth to know salvation through Jesus Christ (Y’Shua HaMachiach) and having met Jesus to get into THE WRITTEN WORD OF GOD FOR THEMSELVES. There are many false prophets and teachers today. Many Churches have gone away from His Word and accepted sin, idolatry and abominations. God has not changed—He will NEVER accept this. Each human needs to repent and accept God’s provision for Salvation.The World is again out of control...and in the same condition that it was in the days of Noah, and the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. People want to live in sin and abomination and feel that they will still go to Heaven, so they run to ministries and churches that CONDONE these practices—but it will never help them or those who lead them astray. Mankind will NOT be let into Heaven in the same condition that Adam and Eve were in when they were DRIVEN OUT OF THE GARDEN (Gen. 3:24). Man has to accept God’s provision for redemption—the death and resurrection of His provision, the only door—Jesus Christ; and go through the regeneration. PLEASE FAST AND PRAY THAT PEOPLE WILL SEE THE TRUTH OF GOD’S WORD.Please put any questions or comments at the end of the order form. Thank you.

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