Why Did God Become a Man?

God's Word is unchangeable.

"The Soul that Sinneth it must Die" (Ez. 18:4) is the Law of God.

When Lucifer sinned he died. He entered the realm of death. Lucifer became Satan (the usurper) and he and the angels who rebelled with him went into the realm of death. Notice at the temptation in the Garden of Eden - death was the big issue. Satan tempted Adam and his wife (they were both named Adam at that time (Gen. 5:2) to disobey God and eat the fruit. Satan said: "You will not surely die!" But Satan lied and they died (Gen. 3). The Word of God declares: "You are slaves of whom you obey" (Rev 6:16). So, after the unbelief and disobedience to God, the two humans were not only in the realm of death (separated from fellowship with God) - they were also enslaved to Satan.

However, in Genesis 3:15 God promised Adam and Eve (she was named Eve by Adam after the Fall) that the Seed of the Woman would bruise the head of the serpent. In other words Satan's headship (enslavement) over mankind would be broken.

God is subjected to His own Laws, so in order to enter the realm of death and ransom His children, He became sin on the cross so that He would die and enter into the realm of death in order to take the keys of death and hell from Satan. That is why through Him, Yahashua (Jesus) this name means salvation, we passover from death into life. There is no death in God. God is life. Death is the separation from God. Therefore God became man (born from the seed of the woman - not from the seed of Adam through whom death came to all humans [I Cor. 15:22]). He had no sin, but He became sin so that He could enter into death to redeem His children. So that through Him, His children would live again and regain fellowship with God.

Hence the reason we need to accept this provison of Salvation (Jesus Christ). We must be born again: "Unless a man be born again he cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven" (John 3:3). There is NO other way! "Being born again, not of corruptible seed [of Adam] but the incorruptible seed [Jesus] by the Word of God who lives and abides forever" (1 Pe. 1:23). In Jesus, Death is the Celebration of life. Click Here for more.

  If you are not sure you are born again, just ask God our Father to forgive your sins through Jesus Christ and ask that His Holy Spirit will reveal His Word to you.  

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