Key To Riches

For eyes to see and ears to hear

The marvel of His Grace

His ever-loving, ever-giving

Always ever there.

His peace and joy, and love,

Man tries so hard to find

When He has freely given

All to man

Through His great Love and Will.

Yes, all the universe is perfect

All is a part of one great whole,

To move in absolute precision.

But, man and his rebellion bent,

To tear apart, and not to mend,

Moves away from God's great and loving Will.

Vying for power, power, power

What power can man have one asks?

When time for man is not.

When death with sting awaits man

Always at the door?

Real power then, like all,

Abides in God's Will, not our own.

For ever knowing what man wants,

The loving God provides.

And when the struggle ceased at last

God asked: What is your name?

No, no longer Jacob, said the Lord,

But Israel, you will be called.

That name my children means

A prince having power with God, and man,

And has prevailed

Through persistence, and faithfulness to God.

Even to make a name for self

Has plagued man all along:

Let's build a tower to the Heavens

And a name we'll make ourselves,

Man was known to say

In Babel long ago.

And yet this loving God

Confused their language then

Until man would get a name through Him

And not the Evil One.

To Abraham who chose God's Will was given

A name throughout the earth

Throughout all ages past till now

And all the time to come

And children, said the Lord of Love

Through promise and adoption.

And since that day as we have seen

Throughout all generations

Names have come and names have gone

But Abraham's remain.

And dominion? Yes, said God

And a garden too - and love.

What an exchange that came to pass

When man transgressed God's Law.

False promises were given.

Be like God, the cunning serpent said

Why settle for so little.

So insidious was he, so devious his plan.

If he could just negotiate

Earth's kingdoms - his again

And mortal man his slave.

It sounded good to nave ears

Little did they guess

The one who sweetly spoke to them

Thought only of himself.

Fallen from grace and cursed

He sought revenge.

With lies and promises made he,

And fooled the man and wife.

Oh, that they had rued

To God when He appeared

But alas, pride too

Was part of that betrayal

This pride of man that still exists

To blame the other guy

The serpent, blamed the woman first

He beguiled me, God, and you can see

It's plainly then, his fault, not mine.

The woman whom Thou gavest me,

Her fault, your fault,

No, not mine.

God's judgment had to fall

And yet God's love still reached

To man's befallen ears:

The woman's Seed, one day, said God,

Will crush the serpent's head,

And I will call thee Mine again

Yes, the Master nods His head.

When you call Me,

Yes, said He,

I'll answer thee.

Through time and space He helps

He calls, He warns, He woes.

But man continues on his way,

Dressed-up, loud-mouthed

Bent and bound with pride for Hell.

Still puffing up himself, alas,

He heeds the serpent's lies.

Even after God has planned

And has provided all.

Redemption through acceptance

Of God's Great Sacrifice.

Relationship with Him.

And power in His Name.

To the Cross, men cry.

To the cross for you - not I.

All I want is found right here,

And I will, and want it done my way.

God so loves He's given

A way right back to Heaven.

To love, and laughter,

Health, and riches,

The Tree of Life - to live forever.

No tears, no pains, no hassles ever.

Go not in thine own way,

The Father warns His child.

You cannot see with eyes of scales,

What lay in darkness there.

Enter in, He pleads the prodigal.

I have the fatted calf,

And in My Hands alone, says He,

The keys to death, and Hell.

Listen child, says He.

I formed you from the womb,

And like a woman you can see,

I birthed you in My Blood.

Begotten of Me,

I made thee for My Praise.

O' lend and ear, and live.

There be no tears

Where I have planned for thee.

There be no sickness, and no pain.

All your tears, I promise thee,

Are washed away in Me.

Your mourning to dancing,

Your rags to richer garments,

Your sadness to joy and laughter,

The Key to Riches

Is what I plan for thee.

Hear now, says He.

For time is getting close,

And there are those who choose in,

And those who will be out.

An Ark like Noah's await thee,

Not of wood this time, says He.

But an Ark of Me, Yes, Me,

The Great I AM

The Hand that moved the sea,

Is stretching out to thee.

Take hold dear child and cling.

In Me, Y'Shua, Jesus,

There's everything.

And more than you know,

Child of My heart, love you so.


O. J. Graham

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