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The Six-Pointed Star

Bible and History

Historical Study - Old And New Testaments

Death: The Celebration Of Life

Cults And Occultism: Why?

The Bible And Your Personality


Scriptures On The True Messiah

Scriptures On The Anti-Christ

Key To Riches

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Why Did God Become a Man?

God's Plan of Salvation

The Genesis Gap

The Tabernacle in the Wilderness

Cross of Christ

The Seven Feast Days & Meanings

Catching Up (Rapture)

The Orwellian Thought Police are Here

The Facts about the DaVinci Theory/Code

Secret Societies

The Merovingian Dynasty/Kings

The Bloodline of Jesus Christ is Spiritual

The Seed of the Woman

No Evidence of Jesus’ Marriage


Lucifer/Satan’s Goal

The Mark of the Beast

Fall of Solomon

The Idols of Egypt

The Star out of Jacob

Star of David/Shield of David/Magen David

Staying Clean from Idolatry

Obedience and God's Promises

Code 10-5



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